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Professional Vision Screenings

Eye Exams: Essential for Your Vision and Health

Our comprehensive eye exams go beyond just checking your vision. We believe in proactive eye care to detect potential eye health problems early. Our optometrists focus on providing personalized care, tailoring the examination to your needs and concerns. Whether you have a history of vision problems or it's your first time seeking an eye exam, we are here to ensure your vision remains sharp and healthy.

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For patients with a history of vision problems, visiting Insight Eyecare & Eyewear is a familiar experience. Our skilled team helps fill in the blanks, providing specialized exams and treatments tailored to your unique requirements. Trust in our expertise and advanced equipment to deliver exceptional eye care.

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Comprehensive Eye Exam with Consultation

Our comprehensive eye exams cover a range of vital assessments to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear. These exams include:

Vision Testing: To determine nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism levels.

Eye Functioning Test: To assess proper alignment and detect signs of lazy eye or other disorders.

Eye Health Assessment: Addressing issues like dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, or infections

Contact Lens Exams

Experience the convenience and comfort of contact lenses with our specialized contact lens exams. We offer three types of contact lenses:

Corrective Lenses: Providing standard vision correction.

Cosmetic Lenses: Allowing you to experiment with different eye colors, with or without vision correction.

Hard-to-Fit Lenses: Designed for conditions like dry eye, presbyopia, and astigmatism, ensuring a perfect fit.

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