Dr. Russell Slaugh

Russell Slaugh, O.D.

Dr. Slaugh was born in Utah and was quickly moved to Germany because his dad was in the Air Force while he was growing up. During this time he moved from North Dakota, back to Germany, then to California, to Kansas, to Idaho, to Virginia, back to Utah, to Indiana, and then finally to Arizona. He did also get to play college basketball a couple years during his undergrad degree-and to this day still loves to play basketball. 

Dr. Slaugh went to Optometry school at Indiana University- the home of the Hoosiers. Dr. Slaugh had never lived in Indiana before, but they had one of the top programs in the country. Dr. Slaugh has since worked at the VA in Pensacola, FL, a Lasik and Cataract Surgery Center in Utah, a low-income government clinic in Guanajuato, Mexico, and at an office in Mesa, AZ.

Dr Slaugh has been awarded one of America's Top Optometrists in Ocular Disease in 2013, 2014, and 2016. He was previously a delegate for the California Optometric Association, and is now a member of the Arizona Optometric Association as well as the National American Optometric Association.

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