Pink Eye

What to Know About Pink Eye

Pink eye causes your eyes to feel itchy. The condition is uncomfortable and it prohibits you from wearing contacts. Plus, if it arises from an infection, it's very contagious. At Insight Eyecare & Eyewear, serving Chandler, AZ, and the surrounding region, we can diagnose and address your pink eye.


General Information About Pink Eye

Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye causes your eye to appear pink. It can affect one or both of your eyes. The affected eye may feel gritty or itchy, you might notice excess tearing as well. Sometimes, you'll notice you have discharge coming from your eye. The discharge can often form a crust on your eye, so you may notice you have trouble opening your eyes when you wake up.

Sometimes, pink eye stems from inflammation of the conjunctiva member. However, an infection is often the underlying cause of pink eye. The conjunctiva membrane of your eye is the portion that covers the white of your eye. The membrane consists of tiny blood vessels. Whenever the membrane becomes irritated, these vessels become more noticeable. This is why your eyes turn pink when you have this condition.

The Causes of Pink Eye

Viruses and bacteria are often the culprits behind pink eye. In fact, in most cases of pink eye, the contributing factor is an infection. You might have cold symptoms along with pink eye. However, allergies, chemical exposure, a foreign object in your eye, or a blocked tear duct can also cause pink eye.

How Our Optometrist Helps

When you come into our office, our optometry specialist will examine your eyes. Often, this is enough to diagnose your condition without any further testing. However, in more severe cases, our optometrist may collect a sample of the fluid in your eye to test for an infection, including a sexually transmitted disease.

After our optometry specialist determines you have pink eye, the optometrist may prescribe an antibiotic eye drop to combat the infection. If we believe a sexually transmitted disease caused your pink eye, our optometry specialist may prescribe an antiviral medication for the infection.

Pink Eye Treatment in Chandler, AZ

Before you visit our office, be sure to use a clean warm washcloth to soothe any irritation and remove the crust from your eyes. If you have any symptoms of pink eye, our optometrist can help. Call Insight Eyecare & Eyewear today at (480) 883-0900 to schedule an appointment.

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