The First and Only IPL FDA Approved for Dry Eye Management

Dry eye disease is a common disorder that causes dry, gritty, burning, tired eyes and fluctuating vision. About 16 million Americans have been diagnosed,1 and twice as many may be undiagnosed with dry eye. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the leading cause of dry eye disease, accounting for about 86% of cases.

Optilight IPL is the only FDA approved treatment for Dry Eye Disease. The treatment is comfortable and proven to be effective, with sessions lasting about 15 minutes.

Optilight helps with:

  • Reduce Inflammatory Mediators
  • Improve Teat Breakup Time
  • Alleviate Abnormal Blood Vessels
  • Restore Meibomian Glands
  • Decrease Demodex

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