Eyeglass Exams FAQs

Good eye health is essential to good vision. Regular eye exams will ensure your eyes are in good health and that you’re seeing as well as you should. These FAQs from Insight Eyecare & Eyewear in Chandler, AZ explain more about the importance of routine exams and how they help protect your sight.


Why do I need routine exams?

Routine eyeglass exams are essential to monitoring your eye health and vision. If you’re experiencing problems with your sight, such as blurred vision or difficulty seeing up close or far away, see our optometry specialist for an eye exam. We’ll uncover the source of these problems so you can get treatment. Through eye exams, our optometry specialist can uncover eye conditions and diseases in their early stages when these issues are easier to treat. Early treatment of eye diseases can help prevent permanent vision loss.

How often should I get an eye exam?

That depends a great deal on your age, visual acuity, and current eye health. If you have refractive vision errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you may want to see your eye doctor annually or every other year to see if there have been changes to your vision. Seniors over the age of 60 should have annual exams to monitor their eye health and vision.

When should children have their eyes tested?

Your child can have his first eye checkup as early as 6 months of age. A more comprehensive checkup can be scheduled around 3 years of age and again at 5 years of age, before your child starts school. If your child has vision problems, he should be screened annually. If he has good vision, he can have checkups every two years.

What happens during an eyeglass exam?

Standard eye exams start with a review of your medical history. We’ll then test your vision to determine the clarity of your sight. If you have refractive vision errors, they will show up in a comprehensive eye exam. These errors can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses or contacts so you can enjoy optimal sight. Lastly, we’ll examine your eyes for signs of eye conditions or diseases. Early detection and treatment of eye diseases help to preserve your sight.

How often do I need to change my eyeglasses?

If you need a new prescription, you’ll need to upgrade your eyeglasses to accommodate the changes in your vision. Otherwise, you can change eyeglasses for variety or to accommodate a new lifestyle. You can also keep your lenses and simply change your frames if you want a new look.

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