Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses

Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses

If your vision is not perfect, you will likely want to correct it so that you can view objects without difficulty. Contact Insight Eyecare & Eyewear in Chandler to make an appointment with our optometrists for an evaluation. Our optometry team will assist in helping you select glasses or contacts that meet your lifestyle needs. Here is some information to help you determine whether traditional glasses or contact lenses would suit your needs appropriately.


Decide Upon the Look You Wish to Project

Some people enjoy wearing traditional glasses and use their frames as an accessory to accentuate their overall appearance. With so many frames available to select from, you can match your frames to outfits you wear or to offset your facial features flawlessly. Other people wish to keep their faces clear of glasses and opt for contacts instead, giving them a polished appearance while still being able to see well.

Know When You Need Vision Correction Most

The actions that you take on daily makes a difference in which type of vision correction tool to select for usage. If you regularly engage in strenuous activities, you may want contact lenses so that you do not put the eyeglass frames at risk for breakage. If you suffer from allergies or work in an area where dust is abundant, you may want to forego contact lenses altogether and choose eyeglasses to protect your eyes from debris.

Our optometry team can assist in helping you pick out the appropriate visionary tools for your needs. We have an array of choices available, including eyeglasses with transitional lenses and sports goggles for times when eye protection is necessary.

Let Our Optometrists Help You with Your Selection

Before you select eyeglasses or contact lenses as your vision correction tool, you will need an appointment with our optometrists to determine the prescription strength necessary for your eyes. During this appointment, our practitioners will alert you about any restrictions you may have before choosing the desired eyewear. In most cases, contact lenses are available for patients, but if you have an eye health difficulty, it may be best to stick with traditional frames. Our optometry team will help you find the right frames for your needs. If you are a candidate for contact lenses, we can assist with determining which brand to pick.

We Are Here to Help You Decide the Best Eyewear for Your Eyes

If you are ready for a new set of contacts or eyeglass frames, contact Insight Eyecare & Eyewear in Chandler to make an appointment with our optometrists for an eye examination. We are here to help you find the right corrective eyewear for your lifestyle. Call our office at 480-883-0900 for more information.

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