Common Eye Injuries

Learn About Eye Injury With Our Chandler Optometry Team

An eye injury can occur when you least expect it. Whether it happens on the sports field, around the house, at work, or out and about in your community, our Chandler optometry team at Insight Eyecare and Eyewear is here to help you minimize damage and optimize recovery. 


Common Types of Eye Injury

Common types of eye injury include:

  • Chemical burn:  when a caustic or toxic substance gets into the eye
  • Photokeratitis: essentially an eye sunburn, it's caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, especially if the sun reflects off water, snow, or sand 
  • Corneal ulcer: this is a corneal scratch, which often occurs after a poke in the eye or if you itch your eye when there's debris in it
  • Broken eye socket: a heavy blow to the face can cause the bones around your eye to fracture; in severe cases, the eye itself can rupture which can cause a person to lose their eye; a black eye is bruising and swelling around the eye but is generally less severe
  • Penetrating foreign object: this happens when something like a shard of metal lodges into the eye

Eye injuries can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to problems like photosensitivity, pain, itchiness, discharge, and infections. 

Injured Your Eye? Here's What to Do

If your eyes become severely injured, do NOT rub or touch them, nor try to remove any large penetrating objects. Call 911 and get yourself to the emergency room for appropriate urgent care.

You may want to cover your eye with a cool compact or sterile gauze to protect it while you get yourself to an emergency room. 

Keep in mind that certain eye injuries may become worse if you try to flush out your eyes with water. So, only flush your eyes if you've been advised to do so by a professional or by your occupational protocols.

What to Do if You Injure Your Eye

At Insight Eyecare and Eyewear, our optometry team offers a variety of follow-up services to help resolve eye injuries. We often recommend oral or eye drop medications to reduce the risk of infection and decrease painful inflammation. We can also make recommendations for better eyewear (protective and/or prescription) so you can reduce your risk of future injury. 

Are Your Eyes Looked After?

If you live near Chandler AZ and are looking for professionals you can trust with your loved ones' eye care, call Insight Eyecare and Eyewear. It's our mission to provide customized and evidence-based optometry care that can optimize vision and eye health for the whole family! Call (480) 883-0900 now to schedule an appointment.

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