When it is time to choose eyeglasses in Chandler, you are going to quickly discover there is a wide array of styles available on the market today. Due to the plethora of options, finding the best ones can be extremely challenging.

The fact is the right eyeglasses can help to highlight your best features while complementing your personality. Our staff at Insight Eyecare and Eyewear in Chandler, AZ, wants you to know the following tips so you can select the perfect pair of glasses.

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Your Face Shape

Your face shape is going to help you figure out what glasses are best. For example, if you have a round face, rectangular or square frames are best. For a square face, you should choose a frame that helps to soften the angularity, which makes oval a great option. For those with a heart-shaped face, choose bottom heavy frame lines and low-set temples.

Choose Eyeglasses that Match Your Skin Tone

Just like the shape of your face helps you determine the frames that look the best; your skin tone is also a factor. If you have a warm skin tone, then avoid pastels. Black and white frames won’t be flattering either. Some of the best color options include olive green, beige, honey, gold, brown shades, or light tortoise.

Is your skin tone cool? If so, avoid any colors that are going to wash you out. Great options to consider include gray, blue, mauve, purple, dark tortoise, pink, black and silver.

Consider Your Lifestyle

There are eyeglass frames for everyone, regardless of how active they are. It’s a good idea to consider the activities you will do while wearing the glasses. If you are very active, consider glasses that can bend and twist without breaking. Are you a gamer? If so, you can choose from frames that will enhance your gaming experience by alleviating the glare from the monitor or TV. If you are trying to impress the “big boss” at work, then you can find a wide array of business savvy options. Regardless of what you need, you can find a frame style that will work with your life and activity level.

Get Your Glasses From Our Optometrist

If you are ready to purchase eyeglasses in Chandler, you are going to quickly discover that our shelves are stocked with a wide array of options and styles. You can easily find the perfect frames for every member of your family when you visit us. If you want to set up an appointment with Insight Eyecare and Eyewear, you can call us at 480-883-0900. Our team is standing by to ensure you get the perfect glasses for your life and needs.