What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are great medical devices that can be altered to meet each individual’s eye care needs. If you decide that you want contact lenses, you need to understand that a contact lens fitting is necessary to ensure proper wear and comfortability. For those in the Chandler area, our optometrists at Insight Eyecare & Eyewear can help you find contact lenses that are going to work best for you.

Contact Lens Fitting

When it comes to using contact lenses, one size does not fit all, which is why eye doctors offer contact lens fitting. This portion of the contact lens exam has an optometrist measure various parts of the eye to ensure that the contact lenses you receive are fitted properly on your eyes and are comfortable. If the lenses are not measured correctly, you could experience eye damage, blurry vision, or eye discomfort.

When you come in for a contact lens exam, your eye doctor will complete a routine eye and vision assessment. Afterward, your optometrist will proceed with the contact lens fitting. Your doctor will measure the following:

  • Corneal curvature to mapping out the surface of the cornea
  • Pupil and iris size to determine the best lenses and appropriate size for your eyes
  • Tear film to ensure that your eyes can produce tears to keep them hydrated while wearing the contacts

Following the contact lens fitting, your eye doctor will discuss with you about your contact lens options.

Do You Have Questions About the Contact Lens Fitting Process? Call Us

For more information about the contact lens fitting process or to schedule a contact lens exam with one of our optometrists in Chandler, contact Insight Eyecare & Eyewear at 480-883-0900. We are more than happy to provide you additional information about this process and even book your appointment.

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