Sports Eye Safety

Sports injuries are serious because they can have long-lasting and devastating consequences. Optometry has developed as a science that not only helps people see better but also assists athletes in meeting their goals safely. This is especially true when considering eye injuries, as effects on an athlete’s vision can prevent them from competing in their sport. The eye doctors in Chandler AZ at Insight Eyecare & Eyewear regularly assist athletes with meeting these needs.

What is sports vision and eye safety?

Many eye injuries that happen during competition could be prevented with the right safety equipment. Depending on the type of event or competition, it may help to do some basic research about equipment that is commonly used in your sport to protect the eyes and vision. For all youth sports, parents should be able to request relevant safety information from the league management and administration. There are various organizations and businesses that are involved in creating standards and manufacturing durable polycarbonate lenses that are sent to optometry practices around the country for use and purchase by athletes in all kinds of sports.

How does an optometrist help?

An eye doctor will make sure you have the right prescription for your vision and the right size frames. They can also address any other issues with your eyes and sight that may be undetected until you visit them. Various sports vision items are available that are both functional and fashionable, and you can find the right fit at your local optometrist’s office. Getting advice that is tailored to your vision and sporting event will ensure that you stay safe and perform optimally.

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Proudly serving the Chandler area, our optometrists at Insight Eyecare & Eyewear are available to assist you with all of your eye care and vision safety needs.

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