Polarized Glasses

What Is Glare, and How Do Polarized Glasses Help?

We all deal with glare from the sun from time to time. On bright, sunny days, sunlight reflects off shiny surfaces and causes more light than normal to enter your eyes. The intense light is difficult for your eyes to manage.  If you experience a loss of visual performance due to glare, it’s important to visit Insight Eyecare & Eyewear, your optometrist in Chandler, AZ. People who wear eyeglasses and those with certain eye conditions experience heightened effects from glare. Your optometrist might recommend polarized glasses or other solutions to improve your vision.

What Are Polarized Glasses?

Most of us experience glare on a regular basis. As you’re driving down a street, the sun might reflect off the hood of your car and create glare. It reflects off snow and water, creating a greater intensity of light. Glare isn’t the light that is reflected. It’s the intensity of light that enters your eyes and their inability to manage it.

Polarized glasses have a chemical applied to the lenses that cause them to filter light. The chemicals allow vertical light rays to pass through and block the horizontal rays reflecting off shiny surfaces. As a result, your view through polarized glasses is somewhat darker, but it is also crisper and clearer.

Ask Your Optometrist in Chandler About Prescription Polarized Glasses

Glare varies in intensity, depending on the brightness of the sun and the setting. For example, if you are in a boat on a body of water on a bright, sunny day, the glare might be disabling. When driving at night, the halos around the other vehicle’s headlights might be distracting. The four types of glare are:

  • Distracting Glare

  • Discomforting Glare

  • Disabling Glare

  • Blinding Glare

Have Your Symptoms Diagnosed

Polarized glasses you buy in a store might not be enough. Schedule an eye exam with us at Insight Eyecare & Eyewear if you are experiencing discomfort, visual impairment, or other symptoms that might result from glare. Our optometrist in Chandler will evaluate your eye condition and rule out any other causes.

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